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About Us

E6 Tactical believes in your God given American right to bear arms. Born and raised in southern Arkansas, guns have been an integral part of life. A proud 3rd generation firearms dealer, following the example of my grandfather who owned and operated a feed store that featured a wide selection of firearms for 20 years. At E6 Tactical, we are a class 2 NFA Dealer of high quality firearms, suppressors, parts, and accessories.

We offer gunsmithing services on new and old firearms needing a little TLC. Parts replacement/upgrades, optics mounting and laser sighting, etc.

Looking for a custom build? We've built many bolt-action rifles, AR-15, AR-10, and AR-9mm's pistols, rifles, and SBR's. We can help make your dream gun a reality.

We are proud to help Americans continue to protect their families, hunt for wildlife, and enjoy the great outdoors. Let us help you with all your tactical needs.

E6 Tactical LLC
430 S. Green Ave.
Purcell , OK   73080